Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leaving in Several hrs the emotions are high.  The day has been very rough to say the least. WE have had major computer malfunctions.  We have no internet with the boys to Skype now while gone.  I am going to try to find a friend who will have mercy on us and let our boys Skype at there house  some.  That is if I even get my computer to work.  Will be heading to the Golden Arches McDonalds to see if I can get mine to work in morning? So at this point I make no promises as to if I will be able to blog daily. I know I will get to get on someones at least once forsure.  Prayers are appreciated.  I still cant believe this is totally happening. Thank you GOD in HeaVEN THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE HE IS THE ONE WHO HAS MADE THIS HAPPEN.  PRAISE BE TO JESUS.  Going to bed EXHAUSTED.  Packed (almost) and ready to go.  Blessings

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