Sunday, December 9, 2012

I am STANDING IN AWE of What God did TONIGHT!!!

SO much is going on and so quick. Dont have alot of time but wanted to Give God all the Glory and to keep you posted on what is going on.  Everything we need will be given to the Judge Monday.  We should get a court date we have given her everything she has asked for. Please pray for POWER with God and FAvor with God and Man.  Someone SENT a 250.00 anonymous GIFT which was awesome, and Got another 25.00.  WE are just thrilled that each step of the way is covered with Jesus Blood and his blessings.  Thank you Thank you is all I can say.  
Today was an Awesome Day.  I believe God showed favor on us.  WE have been looking for a God me outfit for Chance for his BIG Got you DAY.  I dont know why I worry?  I have been a little anxious this week about clothes and all the stuff that comes with a having a little one in the house.  Knowing that WE are being faithful with all that we have been blessed to complete this Adoption.  So I was at Children Place because I have been getting all these coupons via email.  If you know me you know I dont shop and if I do its a thrift store.  WHich I love but I wanted something special.  IN route to conversation we talked about Chance and how hard it is to find clothes that fit because of his small size.  WHile talking one of the sales reps come up to me and said one of the customers had a trunk full of baby stuff that she felt like would work for us and wanted to give them to us.  Well me and the other 3 associates just lost if in tears.  WE had a Spirit God moment.  It was so moving to know that me evening being in that store was God, at that exact moment,  I was on my way home and I just happen to remember I still had that coupon in my purse and I had not used it yet.  So I had made a complete circle and ended up going there.  Got home and the stuff was just precious and brand new never even looked worn.  SO precious.  The crazy things about all this is was this week I just started talking to the Lord about all that was needed and wardrobe was one of them.  So I feel God has answered that one.  Thank you so much who ever you was at Childrens Place. We will be forever grateful for you love and generous gift.  You are a blessings to us and to Chance.  May we meet again or in Heaven we will meet.
Everyone Pray SUNDAY NIGHT at 1AM and the rest of the Russian Day for a COURT DATE. PRAY for Strength for Galina to be able to get the rest of the Translating done and get legalized before can go to JUDGE.  Have a wonderful and Happy Hanukkah starting today for Many across the World.

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