Wednesday, December 19, 2012


                                                      UNDER COVER !!!!!

TODAY WAS A WONDERFUL DAY WITH CHANCE.  We saw the life of our little boy we left 27 and half weeks ago come back to life.  Yesterday it was very sad seeing him he looked so sad.  But once he realized it was us he perked up and we could see smiles and enjoyed our time together.  He cried when he had to leave and that was really tuff.  But today we saw the LIGHT and HOPE back in his eyes.  He knows we have come back consistantly and that has made a difference.  Thursday will be our last day with him till after court.  We will be back in 30 days to pick him up.  Pray for his spirit while he is without us.  Not to give up on us.  That we are coming back. It just takes time.  But next time will be forever. No more, no shows.  Things we take for granted these ones rely on.  I pray others will see that anyone can do what we have done.  Yes it takes time is it hard yes very hard. Is it worth it forsure it is.  There is so many that needs homes.  All you have to have a heart to trust on God and his provision and providence in something that is out of your control.  This precious one lights up the WORLD with this infectious smile and zeal.  WE are so in love and we pray the JUDGE will see that too. Wish he could go to court so she could see just how much this littl one loves us so much and how much we love him.  I am so proud of our older boys they have just chimmed in the BIG brother role they are thrilled about being big brothers and protecting their little brother.  They cant wait to see him for the 1st time too.  They enjoy listeming to the funny stories it has already brought to our lives. Hilarious You should of seen him eating a Cow Tail for the 1st time today it was hilarious it got stuck to his teeth and he didnt know what to do with it.  So funny.  He totally did not like the cheese and crackers sticks, you know the ones you have the sticks and you dip out the cheese and eat it.  Oh no he did not like that.  spit out if came.  :) I never let children play with my phone well could not help but not today it was sofunny. He would put the phone to his ear speak jimberus Russian and then say PAPAAAA and hand the phone to Phillip and talk it was so funny. SO guess what we are on search of a baby phone for one of his 1st toys since we dont have many. Maybe two.  WE have been so consumed getting ready for the adoption have not had time to worry about toys.  I cant wait to see what Bruster does. That is our dog.  He will just love him to death I know.  Will be interesting to see how he reacts to him.  It has been a great day one we are very blessed by.  Thank Lord for not letting him cry this time.  That was hard and sad.  Thank you for all the smiles and joy and happiness he was today.  Love Anne

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