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 Saturday, December 29, 2012

NOT on MY Watch

Today friends around the world have begun to pray and fast saying,  
"Not on My Watch" 
in response to the post I wrote two days ago
regarding the future of adoption given the recent 
decision in Russia to ban all US adoptions. 
The situation is extremely serious.
We must not take the cavalier attitude that says
"Russia has closed their doors before
 and reopened them,
they'll do it again."
That says to me: 
"Ho-hum.  It'll all work out.  I'm busy.  Don't bother me."
There are little ones, like Chance Michael,
{pictured below} 
who met his family and are awaiting  
court date in January 2013.
Another bloggy friend wrote and asked for specific prayer
for the L and W families in Mississippi.
One is bringing home one little boy, the other family - two little boys.
The P, L and W families represent three of the 46 families 
who have met their child{ren}
on a previous visit/court time
and have court dates for finalizing their adoptions
allowing them to bring them home.

In light of the prophetic picture/word the Lord showed me 
{you can read about it here}
over three years ago,
this situation is extremely, extremely, extremely serious.
We must pray.

We must fast.

We must not assume anything.
Not to mention the countless orphans that fill orphanages
longing to be held, loved and cared for by a family
of their own.

Today as we fast and pray,
I urge you to join me with an attitude and posture of repentance for:

 ~ our apathy toward the 
needs of 
the orphan, 
the widow, 
the vulnerable, 
the oppressed

~ our selfishness

~ our failure to care about the things that
 really, truly 
matter to Almighty God

He is the only one that can allow these 46 families 
to bring their children home.
He is the only one who can reverse this law 
that has been signed
by President Putin.

Our God is definitely able.

I am reminded of our Isaiah's situation back in 2007.
Due to an unintentional mess-up in paperwork,
Ch*na, after telling us 'yes', reversed their decision and told us "no".
We were beyond devastated.
We chose to pray, plead{and fast}
calling on the only one who could make it right!
We then chose to send a package to the Ch*nese government 
explaining what had happened.
We even enclosed a video we had made with Emma, Graham and Liberty 
pleading with Ch*na to 
reverse their decision.
From March 19th we waited - not hearing a single word from Ch*na.

Many of those who knew the situation said,
"Give up.  
Ch*na never changes their mind.
We refused to give up!
Isaiah was our son and we knew that we knew 
that we knew that our powerful and mighty God would bring Isaiah home.
Weeks passed.
From March 19th - the remainder of March scurried by.
Not one word out of Ch*na.
We continue to pray and fasted regularly.
April came and went.
Not one word out of Ch*na.
We continued to pray and fasted often.
Friends and family joined in fasting.
Our church had a day of prayer and fasting.
The month of May came.
Around that time, the Lord gave me a prophetic word:
"By the end of May you will hear."
The days in May slowly passed.
I remember saying to Dw, 
"Even if it means that on May 31st
at a few minutes until midnight we hear, 
I know we will hear before the end of May".
After all the days spent on my knees and in fasting, the Lord had given me 
{and my prayer partner Chelsea} 
a promise from the book {of all things!} of 
"Those who hope in me, will not be disappointed."
Isaiah 49:23
I clung to that word
and it gave me a 
confidence that He would rescue our precious son 
and bring him home to the family who so desperately longed
to hold him.
In perfect keeping with God's promises, 
on May 29th, 2007
we received a phone call.
China had reversed their decision, 
they would allow us to bring our son home!

Do you know what Isaiah means?
"Salvation by God"
ALmighty God is the only one who did it!
So too, we contend together for a release of the treasures 
being adopted by 46 families
and a reversal of the law that has been signed
so that all orphans in Russia will be allowed to come to the United States
to families longing for them.
We cannot idly sit by:
Not On My Watch!
Thank you for joining together.
"Those who hope in Him, will not be disappointed."
Isaiah 49:23
He is faithful.
He can move.
He can reverse this law.

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