Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh Happy Day OH Happy Day!!!!

Oh what a Glorious Day it was to day to here the Judge GIVE US POSITIVE Decision as they called it.  SHe basically gave her blessings and said YES to the Adopting of Chance Michael Petitt.  WE will pick him up for good Jan 22nd.  Yeah thank you so much for the 2 years of praying  and praying when ever you come in on our journey.  Very tired more later but for now we will rest and get some sleep very long day and night and days.  WE are thrilled at our little boy.
                                            INtroducing  Chance Michael Petitt= not sure why pictures not loading but will work in later for now going to get nap leaving tomorrow for trip taking 40hrs to get home so need some rest. Love Anne

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