Monday, December 17, 2012

We are back with the other HALF of our HEART!!!!

We landed and this time I was so excited to be back with my other part of my heart. There was no fear of the unknown it was just shear Joy of knowing we will see our precious one again. Love our flight.  WE love Luthansea they are bare a wonderful airline. Wonderful food and service.  Very please they make sure you are fed and not hungry that is forsure.  Today we  will get to eat some of that yummy Russia food at our favorite European Restrauant about 2 blocks where we stay and yes we have to walk in the extreme cold conditions. To tired to go get anything last night lived off what got on plane and what brought. I normally am not a cold person but this week I am not bothered by the cold actually delighted I get to snuggle up with my man and excited that God has yet did another miracle and one step closer to bring our precious young One HOME.  WE take each step as a GIFT and do not take it for granted. We know how we have come and how we got here and it has been threw divine interventions and miracles along the way.  We leave at 9:30 am to see our baby its takes about an hr to get there.  I just cant wait enough to see his reaction when he sees us again. I pray we capture it on video so we can let the judge see how happy he is and how happy we are in the choice the Committee gave us in JUNE. What a real treat and blessings.  Will post more as we get further into the week.  Thank you everyone Please pray for favor with all the officials involved in this huge decisions to let us adopt Chance.  We want to here a yes that they indeed will feel good about and know the geniuneness of how much we adore there little boy and that we do feel it a honar to be able to adopt internationally.  Many places , many children to adopt and choice from but this one was hand picked for our family and we are thrilled.  Blessings Anne


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    1. Been trying to get a hold of you on Skype but no chance yet. Hope you are getting emails. Miss you much talk soon. Blessing Blessing

  2. Yay! Thinking of you this morning and praying for you all! Love you much!

    1. I love you my sweet friend have not texting ability not sure what the problem is and they wont write me back to help me fix. Hope to get fixed before FRIDAY court 11AM. Thanks for the prayers. Having a great time Chance has come back to life since we come back. Even the nurse says they have never seen a child bond so quickly. Amazing but we are seeing it with our own eyes. Loving every minute of it him.