Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I AM Speechless, God Has MOVED the MOUNTAINS !!!

As of today we got a FREE bunk beds for the boys, we got an Agency, and the most of all we got the consent from our boy's region to move forward to Adopt our two boys. WE went after the one and got a double blessing in the whole deal. Someone has said that they was going to be lucky to have us but I feel we are the ones who are going to be the ones truly blessed to have these two wonderful children in our home. I cant wait to see them to hug them to tell them how God never left them after there momma died it just felt that way for awhile. How we are a product of there mommas prayers she wanted more for her children she didn't want them in that orphanage she wanted them to have a home with a family. AND by GODS Grace we are going to be that family. I have faith but I don't know that I had this much faith to see it finally all coming together some know the journey some don't and some don't care and I respect that because I didn't understand either until I started researching Gods word on the Orphans, the fatherless, widow and the foreigners. I for one will be ever changed you get those 4 little words and do a Strong's concordance study going and do all the parallel scripture it will blow your mind it did mine. My bible say(my paraphrased version till I can get the verses) To him that does not and knows to do good is sin. OH my goodness I can not blind my eyes to the truth. I want to be a Hope Dealer and a Healer by being Jesuses Hand and Feet. My husband loved working with the older children when he was Youth Pastor at the time in a rough neighborhood. He loves working with the teens now. He just loved them so he is very excited about Kolya and his brother. Little does Kolya know but we had Christmas for him in his list from the Hosting program all he wanted was a " Red Table Ping Pong Paddle" Well his new Nunnie got him not only a Red Table Tennis Paddle but a real Ping Pong Table. He wanted a Bird God provided him a Cockatial seriously it was FREE. WE are ecstatic and he has a coat we bought him when he was coming and we have kept it believing God Promises to us. We have a lot to do before Nov 1st. We have to redo all of our homestudy since it expires Dec 30th. We have to get their rooms ready that means paint, new floors, and bed linens for boys we have 4 boys that are in dyer need of that so we are praying Lord you can provide. Things are not what makes you happy it is Jesus and the love you have with your family. I dont need things I just need JESUS and I need My family all together. Two more Lonely children will be going home to a family. Now we just have one more that we need to find a home for. His name is Jordy. Please PRAY for Jordy a home very quickly we cant leave him he deserve a family. My thoughts on this " Here I am send me Lord." Fill my cup over runneth with your children let me retire taking back the ground satan has stolen from our family by having a vasectomy. Praise Gods it is reversed but we missed out on precious children!!!! in that time. I want to fill my house with Gods children. Bring that joy and laughter into our house that comes with children and a house full. In Jesus name do exceedingly and abundantly more than I can ever ask hope or dream and manifest it in the Physical.

Please pray for little Jordy he is 7 and he need a home. And all I can say to that Lord Here I am I am willing...I am going to leave you with Jordys picture if you want more info on him please contact me I am his official Prayer Warrior we have to find him a home he is too happy he needs a home.


  1. Anne-what size sheets do you need.Twin size?Let me know-I'll see what I can do.Prayers!-Jeanne

  2. Oh, thank you it is a twin size bed on the top and a full size on the bottom. Thank you for such a sweet offer thank you so much for your prayers and Believing in the Miracle that it will be when this is all said and done and these boys are setting in our Home in America with a Mom and Dad and two new bothers and them knowing that God didnt forget about them that He had a better plan for them. email me and I will give you my number and address or we can figure out best way to meet up. annepetitt@windstream.com Again thank you so much...

  3. Congratulations Anne! I didn't know you had gotten approval on the boys! Our God is so AMAZING. I love seeing His hand at work in adoptions. Really excited for you and your family.

  4. We got the approval from the area to pursue them and yes are excited that is big step. WE have an agency we are very excited it all lining up God is going to do this miracle we are just being obedient. blessings to you all too.