Friday, October 21, 2011

Please pray for this precious family she is also Battling Breast Cancer and Losing her Son in a Tragic Death.

Lord beyond having to experience the loss of her son My New sweet friend Rhonda is having her own Job experience pray for her she is very sick as well she as you can read is fighting the horrible disease of breast cancer. She needs us to life her up so she can feel totally well for today, tomorrow and this week to get done the things she needs. She could probably use this money she is wanting our family to have herself but she is sacrificially believing this is what God wants her to do with any money that come in in lieu of her Sons memory. Please lift her and her family and friends up. I wish their was some way I could to just hold her and pray over her:( Know we are praying for you guys.
Dear Anne,
I want to ask you to pray for me and any of your prayer warriors to pray tomorrow is Zhenya's memorial service. I am fighting breast cancer and going through chemo. My system is under a lot of stress this week and my immunities are way down woke up this morning feeling sick. I want to be blanketed in the protection from our great healer. I will be devastated if I am too sick to attend our sons service.

In His Love Rhonda


  1. Please tell your new friend Rhonda that I am praying for her. She has a beautiful heart, a Godly spirit, and a lot of God's determination. Please let her know that I am praying that she will soon see the good, the blessings, that God intends for her to experience by placing all these tragedies in her path now.


  2. She hears you Rosemary.. She is able to read our blog so thank you for telling her your self I know she is encouraged. SO many people praying. God bless Anne