Wednesday, October 12, 2011

OnWard Christian SOLDIERS!!!!

You know I read something in the Bible, looked it up and it said we was not to be perpetually anxious. It was in the Amplified Bible. I had to really think about that. I had to confess I have been more than a little anxious over this situation. As most is when they are very emotionally involved with the children that we already love in our hearts like they are ours already. When the government says they are theirs still. Oh Lord calm my anxious heart. Let me be still in Jesus name. I know you do love these precious children more than I can ever Hope Dream or Imagine and Lord I really do know you have a plan for both of the children and all the other children I have fallen in love with off of Reeces Rainbow like Jordie and Xenia (EmmaGrace) God you have broke my heart with these children and I want all of them. So God I am just asking you to remove the Red Tape with Kolya+brother and let us move forward and be done so I can go and get the rest of them.
Adoption is a way of life. Its a life time commitment some might say are you done after you get such and such. I would have to so,"No." I can never be done till all the children are free from bondage and is brought out of all the Egypt's of the World. Lord bring them All home to families who will love them and cherish them for who they are and except them just as they are and take the good bad and they ugly.
We went to a Connected Child conference with Karyn Purvis and found out there is a lot of Ugly that can go on with adoption it was very scary to really think about all that could really be when reality sets in. I had to really look at my self and you know what God showed me that I too can be really ugly at times and God still loves me. I look at that verse in our marriage vows "For Better for Worse" till DEATH do us part. Whoa how many really look at that verse and says For better For Worse and Really knows what that CAN mean. I didn't when I got married. Never even dawned on me. I as a 1st time adopted parent have no clue what is to come but I do know that we are walking in blind faith in this Journey believing GOd is going to provide every dime needed, is equipping us for whatever comes our way, He knows already what is in store for us in way of this Adoption. I am so glad God loved me enough to send His Son Jesus to die for me and save me from my sins so I don't have to burn in Hell for eternity. I cant imagine not going and fighting for these 2 children and any of the rest He sends our way. No matter what the cost, whether it be financial, or Life wise. That verse comes back to me about laying our lives down and when we lose our lives we will gain our life. This is not about US its about caring for someone else more than ourselves or our comfortable life style. Please come along side of us and pray for a Miracle. We are the only ones on the face of this earth RIGHT now that can Adopt *Cole he is 16 as of March 9,2011. Someone in his country could maybe get him but most dont go after that age. We want him and have found out he has a brother and we want him too.
Our *Cole+brother is not a traditional orphans. There momma died 2 yrs ago we found him last Nov. threw a hosting program. We have had to wait till he went on International Registry well that BIG day is November 9th. By God graces we was able to secure him on the USA side before his 16th birthday by ourselves no agency would help said not enough time. They Wanted us to walk away. It wasn't just one it was several. God said,"GO forward." So we did and He worked it out. We was able to get it in by the skin of our teeth. We feel like ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS. We need people committed to praying for Kingdom Connections, Favor with these officials, God Speed, our time is ticking Immigration expires 18 months from time started, Favor with his region and the leaders there, and to get all the paperwork, clearances redone by Nov 2011 so we can go there and hand deliver it, plus pray for Very Important meeting with the people who can say Yes or no... Thank you in advance. I know we serve a MIGHTY GOD and HE IS ABLE.


  1. We will be in prayer for you all . We fell in love with our Ukrainan daughter when she was 12 it took us 3 years to get her. We applied to adopt her on the day of her 16th birthday. We held our breath all the way through and had many close calls but God was faithful. She is now home with us since last April and doing beautifully.

  2. Thank you so much we are trusting and believing, that is truly ALL we can do at this point without God we are stuck w/ our wheels turning. He will have to open doors that need to be opened and close those that need to be closed. Our faith and hope is in HIM not man. But he has used men (as a general for Human Beings) to bless us this week thanks to Adeye's blog so that people was able to get aware of this situation and to start praying diligently. I feel this is an obedience thing He is looking for those who will be truly committed and faithful. Even when there is no sight of THE HOW in this situation we are still moving Forward in literally Blind Faith and the HOPE and Belief of Gods word that All Things ARE Possible.As well that there is nothing that is Impossible for GOd. Because He is GOd and He can do anything. THank you for his prayers. Find me on facebook MrPhillip MsAnne Petitt. Would love new friends Prayer Warriors.