Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pray 4 my Friend N Texas 4 Strength & Courage 2 God On.

Praying for my friends in the Loss of there son this week. Please lift them up in your prayers. Rhonda for Physical strength as well as mental strength. Pray that the Lord will be the wind beneath her wings. Their Shelter and Strong Tower.
This is my comfort in my distress that your Promise gives me LIFE. Psalm 119:50.
Dear Family and Friends,
Held up to your light, your broken hearts can become Prisms that scatter micro-rainbows on the wall. Our pain is useless as it is, redeeming God, just as a prism is a useless chunk of glass unless until light passes through it. Remind them Lord that the smallest Ray of sun in a shower can create a rainbow. Use there tears as the showers and your love as the sun. Looking up, we see the tiniest arches of hope in the lightening sky.
I will turn their mourning into JOY, I will COMFORT them, and give them gladness for sorrow. Jeremiah 31:13
God bless you all.
Today we found out that we have been officially approved to go forward we don't have much time because we have already been working a year literally over a year our Immigration stuff only has little time in adoption time. Everything has to go in perfect without a hitch and no problems. Please pray if there is any family left that they will sign all rights for us to adopt OUR boys. I asked how long they said it will take as long or as quick as it takes to raise the funds. We would love to get them by DEC 30 which is unheard of but I feel MY GOD is ABLE TO DO ANYTHING so please come along us and BELIEVE and PRAY that GOd is ABLE.
We are supper excited to go and get the Free Bunk bed tomorrow thanks to a Pastor in Greenville, SC. What a blessing. Having a Paint Party Monday to get the room ready for the final Home study Monday. Believing Jehovah Jirah, Anne

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