Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request- FIND Brother QUICKLY

Dear Friends,
     We have a prayer, we want to place before you, as some may know this, this is NOT a normal Adoption in no way shape or form.  We found out that Cole has a brother he is 8 well we went to inquire about him we have been told he is not on the data base not sure where he is.  They have said to apply for the 1 and be willing to adopt brother if they can find him.  We are very excited they are talking to us and letting us to still go forward we are not complainging at all. WE Just need prayers to find him. As you know our heart is just having to trust God in this because we know we cant leave without brother and Cole would be lost totally leaving his one blood relative that can come too.  So please everyone pray that it would be very easy to find him and that God would remove all the red tape and let this be a very Set apart adoption with no more craziness. We have not time for craziness we have already had that this last year. WE are on a very limited time with Cole age  he is already 16 we got our papers in before he turned 16 we must move quickly. SO please pray we get all the money we need to move fast and that we can find his brother very quickly.  That they will be amazed that they found him and there was not wild search for him and he is released to be adopted too.  Thank you for all your prayers.  I know God is ABLE to do the IMPOSSIBLE. 

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